If we treat people as if they were what they ought to be, we help them become what they are capable of becoming.


For more than 25 years, René David Hadjadj has been advising, supporting and training organizational leaders and their teams: strategy, management, change management, crisis management, management of complex projects.
He is involved in both organizational and human relations issues, striving to share his experience.

His coaching philosophy and practice remain mainly results-oriented, in a simple and logical approach in relation to the context.

His humanistic, light, humorous and unexpected approach allows individuals and teams to take ownership of the desire to open up, to try something new and to dare new strategies. A carrier of trust and dynamism, René David accompanies you and challenges you on a journey in which you are the main character.

Professional background:

A very rich professional life has given René David Hadjadj the opportunity to hold several operational management positions in different organizations.  He also created, developed, managed and sold three companies in the travel, industrial and wholesale (import/export) sectors.

1990: in association with Pascale Vigne Conseil, he creates “Personalized Individual Assistance” – PIA

1996: René David Hadjadj partners with Pascale Vigne to create the GDM office. Together they develop a European network of senior consultants with complementary skills and all of them with operational experience in organisation.

2002: René David Hadjadj is one of the first Europeans to be certified as a Master Coach by ICF.

2003: Pascale Vigne and René David Hadjadj team up with Lorenzen Consulting to develop “AEVOLIS”, the first international network of certified executive coaches. The positioning is in line with the shared values and standards of competence, ethics and professional conduct of the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

2006: René David creates “Executive Master Class” “Les Masters Class des Dirigeants et les Masters Class of Coaching”.

2009: René David founded “RSI-Team” CSR Expert and published his first book “Le Marketing du Coach” published by Eyrolles

2010: Publication of a 2nd book “Supervision des Coachs” published by Eyrolles.

René David creates and launches the first International Association of Supervisors “ICSI” International Coach Supervision Institute.

2011: Creation of the “Kinetic Coaching” and “CAP 90” approaches

2012: Creation of targeted approaches for leaders “Tools of emotions” & “the spirit of change”.

2014: Creation of “Spirit of coaching” programs and participation in coaching schools

2015: Creation of the “Marco Polo Workshops” & “Spirit of Supervision” programs

2016: Creation of the “Audacity and Leadership” program

2018: Release of his new book “LEADER 3.0”.



Jurist by initial education (Master of Laws), he discovered Marketing, which has become a real passion, a practice he has taught and implemented in various organizations.

Trained in coaching and psychological approaches, he leads and participates in research working groups on change management.



Mastered techniques

Certified teacher in NLP, self imperative, success insight, trained in Systemic Analysis, Transactional Analysis, PCM, general semantics, Ericksonian hypnosis master,…

Observation and management of human issues in organization have fostered his passion for the Strategy applied to Management, of which he has become a specialist.




Active member of the ICF / ICFF – PFS – AOCS, René David is committed to the professionalization of coaching

Chairman of the Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee ICF France

Member of the Professional Federation of Supervisors and the AFCP & GFS (French International Association of Professional Speakers)

Speaker (Sydney – Hong Kong – Barcelona – Denver – San José – Miami – Paris – Lyon – Marseille – Strasbourg – Brussels …).